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Our Story:

KavunaaFitt was founded in 2021 by Kavunaa Woodson. Kavunaa grew up in a small town outside of Columbus Ohio and played basketball her entire life, which eventually led her to receiving a Division I scholarship to play at the collegiate level.  During her athletic career she always struggled to find athletic wear that fit. After graduation she would find herself always working out and continuously searching to find the best version of herself.  Kavunaa eventually fell in love with the gym and creating a healthier lifestyle.  KavunaaFitt was designed  with quality, comfort, and lifestyle in mind. KavunnaaFitt offers high quality fitness accessories & clothing with a variety of inseams and stretchy quality fabric that fits in all the right places because we all deserve the perfect fit. KavunaaFitt's aim is to create a quality athletic clothing brand that is accessible to all.

About me


KavunaaFitt is a fitness brand designed to provide quality athletic clothing and accessories. The  brand specializes in developing a quality lifestyle for all individuals not just some.

KavunaaFitt Cares About "Quality":

  1. Quality Customer Service & Feedback.

  2. Quality Fabric.

  3.  Quality Lifestyle for all.


KavunaaFitt cares about Quality: quality customer service and feedback, quality fabric and a quality lifestyle for all. We are dedicated to providing high quality products that enhance our customers lifestyle. Feedback is love and in order to continually provide quality we must accept feedback and implement it to make sure our customers are satisfied.


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